The Southeast Radio Club was formed in 1936 when W0SUS, W0IVW, and W0WKP became the charter members.  Bear in mind that until 1946, Nebraska was in the ninth distrist, hence the club call W9WKP.

W0SUS, John Stevenson W0IVW, John Harmom W0WKP, Gerold (Jerry) Bennett

The club used to meet in the member's homes, moving from one location to another.  They drew members from the entire region including members such as W0WRL.  The club will be 80 years old in 2016.  This is continous.


Membership: attend
Comments on QRP

It is vain to do with more what can be done with less
- William of Occum - 1290 - 1350

80 Year Celebration

 In 2016 the club celebrated 80 years of continous operation.  On September 24 & 25 we used the
call K0C for the special event.  See our Facebook page for details.

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